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 Nature, very near, invites you to walk (Vouécourt and its numerous arrowed courses), bike ride (canal from the Marne to the Saône opened to cycling traffic), across the verdant country.





Walking courses :

 - Leaving from the house: trips from 9 to 20 km with detailed maps, in the nature and accross the woods :

                    - La Roche Bernard (Viéville)

                    - La Côte de Vouécourt

                    - Les Buis (Froncles)
                    - Le Saint Antoine (Doulaincourt - Saucourt)

                    - Les Grandes Combes (Doulaincourt)

                    - Les Essarts (Doulaincourt)

                    - Circuit du Château de Vignory

                    - Circuit de l'Abbaye de la Genevroye / Marbéville


  Numerous walking courses in the area 

 - Walks along theCanal between Champagne and Bourgogne


Cicling courses leaving from the hotel :

 -courses of 45, 55 or 42 km with detailed maps (what to visit in the different villages, road map).

 -Numerous other courses 


Cyclo-rail of the 3 Valleys in Chantraines(10 km away from the house) :

14 km of railway line to travel by pedaling, between Andelot and Bologne.


The big familial Amusement Parc "NIGLOLAND"(40 minutes away from the house) :

- more than 35 attractions and shows spread over a 35-hectare-parc  !

- About ten big thrills attractions